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High Touch Service in a Touch Free World

Customer Service is no longer a competitive advantage. It's essential for business survival. Bridge the gap between your people and your product with Chris Lynam's book, The Choreography of Customer Service.


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book-mockup-white-1Whether you're the CEO, HR Manager, or the next employee of the month, The Choreography of Customer Service will equip you with the tools to create high touch service, even in a touch free world. 

The early chapters introduce you to the building blocks; The Backstory, Muscle Memory, The Negative, The Secret Mission, and Return on Investment. 

The chapters to follow assemble them into practical tools to create impactful conversations and build a deeper value in your product or service.  

Great service and communication is a skill, just like dancing.  You can fake it for a while, dismiss it altogether, or take the time to learn.  Once you do, your customers will be glad you did.  



"A detailed and doable playbook for delighting customers where it counts... in the real world. Highly recommended.""

Jay Baer
Author - Hug Your Haters

"This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to unlock the secrets of more meaningful customer interactions."

Brent Gleeson
Author - Taking Point Leadership

"Chris has a spirit of excellence in all that he does."

Claudia Marshall
Keynote Speaker

"His message of customer service has never been more essential than it is today."

John G. Miller
Author - QBQ! The Question behind the question

It's the People

"It's not the place, it's the people."  As he said it, I received the message with the same enthusiasm as a teenager learning about the details of puberty from a parent. 

We were young, hard-working, and barely keeping our business alive, and our mentor, the late Jacques de Beve kept saying "it's not the place, it's the people."  We had just taken over the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hayward, California.  The entryway to our studio seemed to be a hotspot for the homeless and yet, the refrain continued.  

Translation:  You can blame the way your business looks and where it's located or you can develop your people and create great service.

So we looked past the aesthetics.  We turned our attention to our team, articulated the type of experience we wanted for our students, and 18 months after operating with two weeks of reserves for payroll, Arthur Murray Hayward was one of the top 10 locations in the world. 

Jacques de Beve informed us later that year that he renamed his "It's not the place, it's the People" meeting to "The Hayward Meeting."  

Are there other important factors?  Sure.  Your location, marketing, and product are of vital importance, but there isn't a location, a marketing campaign, or a product that can outperform bad customer service.  

Poor service accounted for over 63 Billion dollars in lost revenue - all before the pandemic. At that time, customer service was seen as a competitive advantage, a way to differentiate between you and your competitor.  

Today, customer service is no longer a competitive advantage.  It's essential for business survival. 

Customer service is a lot like dancing.  You can look the part while you're faking your way through it, or you can learn some choreography and move with confidence.  



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